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A unified technology platform—connecting you to the world’s largest warehousing network.

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Cloud-based platform with open APIs, easy to get started and you can add new warehouses in a matter of days.

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Centralized view for managing inventory levels, orders, and SLA reporting.

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Scale your network and operations to match demand while maintaining performance.

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Control all operations through the same system

FLEXE is your control tower for on-demand warehousing. Whether you have one or ten warehouses in your network, every FLEXE provider uses our technology which centralizes operations, from inventory, orders, shipments, and billing to varying project types like eCommerce fulfillment and inventory overflow.

Track trends to make better decisions

From warehouse key performance indicators to monitoring eCommerce fulfillment data, you can identify key trends and develop insights to inform expansion plans and continually optimize the customer experience.

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Manage and allocate inventory more efficiently

Better visibility makes for better inventory planning. With FLEXE, you can easily monitor inventory levels to inform your inventory planning and allocation strategy. Instead of managing disconnected systems across providers, you get a clear view of inventory across your entire network.

Optimize the movement of goods

Dynamic order routing applies best-fit logic for eCommerce fulfillment so you can ensure consistent and reliable delivery experiences for your customers, even during your busiest seasons.

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Get started quickly with an open and extensible platform

The FLEXE technology platform is open and extensible to fit your needs. Connect shopping carts and shipping carriers, or create exactly what you need with our flexible APIs. Spend less time integrating and more time on meaningful work.

Consolidate billing across warehouse providers

With centralized billing and a single set of terms, you can access and manage invoicing—across multiple projects and warehouse providers—to save time on administrative details.

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Our clients use FLEXE for...

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eCommerce Fulfillment

Schedule inbound shipments to FLEXE facilities and monitor inventory levels and outbound orders through the FLEXE platform.

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Retail Distribution

Save on storage costs and manage distribution to all of your retail channels.

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Inventory Overflow

Manage peak-season constraints and/or unexpected excess inventory by adding on-demand capacity, instantly.

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