Supply Chain Is the Heart of Businesses 

It’s official—the supply chain is now anything but a business niche. These days, businesses are bringing fully modernized supply chains to the game, introducing processes that are as streamlined and…

The Future of Supply Chain

The supply chain is undergoing a transformation. We spoke to 16 experts about the future of supply chain and where it’s headed.

9 Retail & Logistics Trends to Watch in 2018

2018 is here. How will you transform your business this year? Where do you start? Here are the top 9 retail & logistics trends to watch in 2018.

Top 10 FLEXE Articles of 2017

2017 was a big year for retail and supply chain. Here are the top 10 FLEXE articles of 2017 and be sure to stay up to date with us in 2018!
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