2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday: A Look So Far


We’re nearly through the holidays and the apex is fast approaching (we can’t believe it’s already here either).

While there won’t be a comprehensive look at holiday spend until after the new year, here’s a list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday stats so far. One this is clear: it’s shaping up to be a big year for retailers.

By 10 a.am ET on Black Friday, online sales were more than $640 million—up 18% from 2016. And on Thanksgiving itself shoppers spent more than $1.52 billion—up 16.8%. (CNBC)

By 4:30 p.m. ET, Cyber Monday sales were more than $3.38 billion online—up 17% from last year. (The Daily Dot)

53.3% of online visits and 40% of revenue on Cyber Monday were from tablets or smartphones—denoting an increase in smartphone traffic by 21% and revenue growth of 41%. (The Daily Dot)

Cyber Monday totals: More than $6.59 billion in online sales, with more than $2 billion from smartphones. (The Daily Dot)

Shopify merchants processed more than $1billion in spend during the 4-day Black Friday Cyber Monday event. At one point, $1,138,574 million was processed per minute compared to the 2016 peak of $555,716. (Shopify)

More selections online and options for shipping and package pick-up options are driving sales for major retailers, such as Walmart and Amazon. (PYMNTS)

Some notable trends that are already clear:

  • Mobile shopping is on the rise
  • Cyber Monday is quickly catching up with Black Friday
  • Delivery promises are a key factor driving online sales

Stay tuned. The success of holiday shopping will undoubtedly impact how retailers think about improving operations across their business and supply chain in the coming year.

// from Jordan Furdock at Net-Results