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Announcing FLEXE’s $70M Series C Funding

We're hiring!

Karl Siebrecht, Co-founder & CEO, FLEXE

December 1, 2020

Today, I am excited to announce that FLEXE has secured $70 million in Series C funding. This new capital enables us to continue growing our team and delivering innovative logistics solutions so our customers can grow and adapt in any environment.

The pandemic placed immense strain on the global supply chain. Goods were delayed in China, and by the time they reached their destinations, most stores were closed. eCommerce saw 10 years’ growth in 10 weeks, and businesses weren’t prepared to manage those volumes. Even now as we are in Q4 holiday peak, inventory, labor, and carrier availability and capacity are far more uncertain than in prior years. This “black swan” event has shown a spotlight on the need for resilience and agility in supply chains, and this is the foundational principle of FLEXE.

Continuing on our mission (we’re hiring!)

When FLEXE was founded in 2013, we created “on-demand warehousing” and continue to lead the category, providing our customers with scalable warehousing solutions. It didn’t take long to recognize a massive opportunity to deliver flexible logistics programs for eCommerce and omnichannel retail. In fact, we were already building the new logistics model to enable it.

This new model unites on-demand warehousing with flexible eCommerce fulfillment, distribution, and transportation through a single technology platform. It is uniquely open and extensible. It increases warehouse-partner revenue and utilization rates. It future-proofs our customers’ supply chain strategies.

Most importantly, this new model enables our customers to instantly respond to changing consumer demands and be resilient in the face of disruption. They effectively turn logistics into a competitive advantage by running a dynamic logistics network.

The FLEXE mission is “to create the open logistics network that optimizes the global delivery of goods.”

We’ve gotten this far by always putting our customers first, and we’ll always stay true to this core value. Raising our Series C only further accelerates the evolution of our technology platform and the new logistics model that it enables. It also accelerates our ability to bring enterprise-class, flexible logistics programs to market.

Some of the largest, most innovative retailers and brands rely on FLEXE to create flexibility in their logistics networks. Securing our Series C funding is another step toward delivering game-changing solutions that make our customers unstoppable.

Securing our Series C funding is another step toward delivering game-changing solutions that make our customers unstoppable.

Investing in our people (we’re hiring!)

When we founded FLEXE we made the conscious decision to invest in our people, knowing our team and culture would ultimately drive the long-term success of the business. Through our seven years, our commitment to both has not changed, and it never will.

When the pandemic first hit the U.S. in early March, we quickly instituted a work-from-home policy. The transition was seamless, and I have been so impressed by our team’s willingness to jump in and do whatever it takes to support our customers.

Logistics is an essential business. Goods must move to where they are needed, and our teams stood beside our customers—including in the warehouses with our partners. This level of dedication, in spite of so much uncertainty, demonstrates the resilience of our team and our ability to work together to solve the tough logistics challenges our customers face. No matter what.

Without the FLEXE team, this announcement wouldn’t be possible. It took every single person at FLEXE to achieve this milestone and we will continue to hire amazing talent to propel us into this new and exciting phase of growth.

Without the FLEXE team, this announcement wouldn’t be possible. It took every single person at FLEXE to achieve this milestone.

Looking ahead to what’s next (we’re hiring!)

COVID-19 catapulted the retail and supply chain industries into a state of accelerated transformation that is long overdue. Consumer buying behaviors have changed and new strategies, initiatives, and operations are needed to support the shift.

In the months ahead, we will focus on hiring, extending the capabilities of our technology platform, and expanding our partnerships with the warehousing providers in the FLEXE Operator Network. We commit to delivering world-class, flexible logistics programs to help our customers succeed. And win.

I am so excited about what’s to come for FLEXE and grateful for all of the people that made it possible: Our customers and warehouse providers, our board, our investors, and especially our team and the families who support them. We wouldn’t be here without the time, commitment, and ingenuity everyone brings every day.

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it is to remain flexible because anything is possible. We may not know what’s around the next corner, but we now have even more confidence in our ability to learn, adapt, and be resilient in the face of momentous challenges. We are primed to solve the next wave of tough logistics challenges for our customers.

Oh! And we’re hiring.


Karl Siebrecht

Co-Founder & CEO, FLEXE

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