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Top 10 FLEXE Articles of 2017

2017 was a big year for the retail and supply chain industries. We saw a lot of growth and change as more businesses focused on innovating their delivery promises and eCommerce operations.

Here's a look at some of our most viewed articles from 2017, and keep an eye out for more industry news and thought leadership on the blog in the coming year! Oh! And don't miss our 2018 eCommerce and Logistics Trends report where we predict what's in store for retail and supply chain next year.

1. The Future of Logistics - 20 Trends to Follow in 2017

  • Take a look at the top 20 trends from 2017, including hyper-local supply chains, expansion and consolidation of "last mile delivery", and wider adoption of new technologies

2. Target Acquires Grand Junction and Proves Delivery Matters

  • Target made a big move in acquiring Grand Junction to shorten its last-mile delivery operations
  • Target demonstrates how impactful delivery promises are to online sales and competing with Amazon
  • Legacy big-box retailers like Target are finally making inroads online by improving their delivery promises

3. Top 5 Ways Augmented Reality and Apply ARKit Will Transform Retail and Logistics

  • The release of Apple ARKit created a lot of predictions around how AR technology will actually be used in everyday life, including retail and logistics
  • Find out the top 5 ways AR will impact retail and logistics operations, including closing the gap on indecision, improving personalization, and putting AR technology into the hands of the millions of everyday iPhone users

4. Innovate or Die: How's Your eCommerce Strategy?

  • 2017 marked the biggest year for store closures and retail bankruptcies
  • The opportunity to innovate and survive lives in the supply chain and how businesses are meeting customer demands for fast, affordable shipping
  • Find out how an optimized supply chain can improve customer retention and decrease shopping cart abandonment rates
  • Get a free network analysis to find out how many fulfillment centers you need to reach your demand

5. The Last Mile of Delivery: Getting Shorter and Evermore Important

  • Walmart acquired Parcel to advance its last-mile strategy in New York City
  • Learn how the last mile is getting shorter and shorter to meet customer demands in high-density areas
  • See why shortening the last mile is actually a part of the long game for business success

6. Top 10 Cities for eCommerce Fulfillment

  • Take a look at the top cities in the U.S. for adding fulfillment centers
  • From population density to proximity to ports, this infographic depicts the best places to add locations to meet customer demands for fast, affordable shipping

7. 2017 Warehouse Capacity Economics and Trends Report

  • See the key findings from our 2017 Warehouse Capacity report, including what events cause the highest variation in capacity and what solutions businesses are using to solve for fluctuations

8. Fulfillment, Network Expansion, and the Implications on Inventory Management

  • Find out how to manage inventory in an increasingly dynamic retail environment and how to offset costs with on-demand warehousing and fulfillment

9. Top 5 Things to Know about FLEXE Next-Day Delivery

  • With FLEXE Next-Day Delivery, you can build a dynamic and adaptable fulfillment network that scales as your business grows
  • Learn the top 5 things to know about FLEXE Next-Day Delivery, including how to manage seasonality and how to identify the right fulfillment locations

10. Subscription Box Retail: Match Supply with Growing Demand

  • Find out why the success behind subscription boxes comes down to logistics and how on-demand warehousing can help meet demand

We hope you had a great year and be sure to stay tuned to the FLEXE blog in 2018!