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Welcome to Logistics 2.0!

Welcome to the first episode of Logistics 2.0! In this weekly video series hosted we will cover a wide range logistics and supply chain topics including: key trends, technology reviews, best practices to help you manage the changing customer expectations and technological innovation in our industry.

We hope you will get involved and help us shape the discussion. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with Logistics 2.0 episodes!

Video Transcription:

Welcome to Logistics 2.0, I'm Karl Siebrecht. We've created this program to acknowledge, to discuss, and to explore the significant amount of changes that are happening in the world of logistics today.

With the rise of Amazon and the incredible impact that it's had on consumer expectations, with the proliferation of omni-channel strategies and the emergence of new technologies, and new technology companies like Flexe, in the world of logistics, there's a massive amount of change happening. We fundamentally believe that the benefits of this change far outweigh some of the challenges that come along with it.

We also acknowledge that in times of lots of change, when there are lots of new ideas floating around, not all new ideas are great. Not all new technologies will succeed. Part of the challenge here is to separate the great ideas from those whose time maybe hasn't come yet, or that fundamentally they don't work.

Our hope is that we can get as many of you involved in this as possible. If it sounds interesting to you, subscribe to our channel, share the video, comment below. The more of you who get involved, ultimately the more valuable this will be for us and for everybody.

I'm Karl Siebrecht and I'll see you next time on Logistics 2.0.