Image of Fosc Ch3 Supply Chain Technology Reshaping Business

Future of Supply Chain

From Chaos Comes Order: Emerging Supply Chain Business Models

Chapter Three

The myriad supply chain disruptions create cracks in the foundation...

The foundation of traditional supply chain business models is eroding. New retail formats, buying behaviors, and technologies are just a few of the offenders calling for new modes of operation.

The supply chain, which was once magnificent in its linearity, must now be dynamic, flexible, disrupted. Traditional solutions for real estate, enterprise technology, and supply chain relationships won't work anymore. Instead, an interconnected web of information is needed so businesses can quickly adjust and optimize.

In this section, Ben Conwell from Cushman & Wakefield states eCommerce isn't to blame, and explains how a combination of retail formats and corresponding business models could be the answer; Kurt Beckett from NW Seaport Alliance asserts data collaboration and visibility will improve services across the supply chain; Steve Callaway from Prologis discusses how real estate is evolving to meet eCommerce demands; Tim Vaio, a veteran supply chain professional, says it's to early to write physical retail's obituary, but improvements are paramount to survival.

Self-Inflicted Wounds: Taking Stock of the Retail Industry

Ben Conwell

Senior Managing Director, Ecommerce and Electronic Fulfillment, Cushman & Wakefield

Retailers are having to process customer orders 24x7, all while trying to manage the optimal inventory selection in physical stores. And they better get the order right, because their competition is just a click away.

Supply Chain Brings Challenges – and Opportunity

Kurt Beckett

Deputy CEO, NW Seaport Alliance

The industrial “Internet of everything” is just in its infancy, and companies that can compel the supply chain to share and analyze integrated data—without compromising their own commercial strategy and interest—will find that ports, shippers, and other logistics providers can deliver even better service.

eCommerce Logistics: Matching Real Estate with Demand

Steve Callaway

Managing Director, Head of Global Customer Solutions, Prologis

Everyone from pure online retailers to department stores is trying to figure out how to deliver goods over multiple channels while maintaining a consistent customer experience. How can I have the right product in the right place to get it to customers in two days, maybe in one day—possibly even the same day?

A Roadmap For Reshaping The Retail Supply Chain

Tim Vaio

Veteran Supply Chain Executive,

Much has been written about the demise of traditional retailers, but it’s premature to write that obituary. The ones that succeed will do so by finding ways to meet the rising expectations of customers efficiently. To get there, they will need a foundation that will help them stay nimble and flexible in the years ahead.