Generating new revenue from your existing assets has never been easier.

Maximize your utilization to maximize your profit.

  • Generate cash from your underutilized assets.
  • Get exposed to a marketplace of buyers looking for warehousing services.
  • Free to list your space.

Provide storage and services on your terms.

  • No long term commitments needed, so you can ensure you’ll have your space back when you need it.
  • Define your availability. Work with only the high quality businesses you want.

FLEXE lowers your cost of doing business.

  • Streamlined processes keep you focused on your core business.
  • Online tools to manage listings, contracts, and operations.
  • Automated tracking and billing.

Getting Started

We offer software to easily manage warehouse operations from inventory management to billing.

All in one simple place online so you can focus on your

  1. Create account and warehouse listing
  2. Set pricing
  3. Accept or reject storage project requests

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// from Jordan Furdock at Net-Results