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Technology Only Scraping Surface of Potential to Shipper


By Bill Mongelluzzo

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FLEXE is Helping to Push the Freight Industry Online

Venture Beat

By Zvi Schreiber

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Logistics Innovation is an Emerging VC Trend

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Why B2B May Have Pioneered The Sharing Economy

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Flexe raises $4.4 million for on-demand warehousing

Vator News

By Ronny Kerr

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An Airbnb Model for Industrial Storage

Fox Business

By Peter S. Green

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9 supply chain tech companies you should know


By Lauren Helper

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This startup could change the game for same-day shipping


By David Z. Morris

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New Report from FLEXE Reveals 75% of Supply Chain Pros Experiencing Inventory Fluctuations & Capacity Issues

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Former aQuantive exec heads up fast-growing on-demand warehousing startup FLEXE


By Taylor Soper

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Real Estate Buzz: Flexe is like Airbnb, but for warehouses


By Nat Levy

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A logistics app to satisfy your pallet: Flexe brings ‘sharing economy’ to the warehouse

Puget Sound Business Journal

By Steven Goldsmith

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Warehouse space, by the drink

DC Velocity

By Mark B. Solomon

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Pretty soon, every warehouse in the world will be a 3PL


By Charles Fallon

Press release

On-Demand Warehousing Start-Up Announces North American Expansion, 150,000 Pallet Positions Now Available in 85 Locations Across U.S. & Canada

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Collaborative Logistics Comes to the Warehouse

Wall Street Journal

By Erica E. Phillips

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