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What it’s really like to work in an Amazon fulfillment center during the Covid-19 pandemic


By Katie Schoolov

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Real-Estate Firms Expect Coronavirus-Driven Shifts Will Spur Warehouse Demand

Wall Street Journal

By Jennifer Smith

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GeekWire Roundtable: Leadership, team-building and company culture in the age of COVID-19

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Coronavirus may permanently change how we buy our food


By Ben Fox Rubin

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With stores closed, supply chains are put to the test

Vogue Business

By Maghan McDowell

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The coronavirus outbreak is disrupting supply chains around the world — here's how companies can adjust and prepare

Business Insider

By Fred Schmalz

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COVID-19 pandemic shines spotlight on flexible, digital freight


By Katie Fehrenbacher

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CBRE report examines increased interest in on-demand warehousing, due to coronavirus

Logistics Management

By Jeff Berman

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Prime members first: Amazon is ranking customers and ramping up hiring to address coronavirus demand

The Washington Post

By Jay Greene

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Amazon's marketplace has turned into the 'Wild West' because of COVID-19 — here are tips from 11 experts on how sellers can get through the uncertainty

Business Insider

By Eugene Kim

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Coronavirus spurring new inventory replenishment strategies


By Eric Johnson

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U.S. MarketFlash | On-Demand Warehousing: Opportunity in a Period of Uncertainty?

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Agile software platforms key to surviving disasters, freight tech execs say


By Linda Baker

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Why You Need Two-Day Shipping — and How to Do It


By Russell Goodman

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We’ve Been Hearing About Drone Delivery for Years. So Where Are All Those Drones?


By Lisa Lacy

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How to Make Free Shipping Profitable

Total Retail

By Manish Chowdhary

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